Welcome to BooksFirst

What is BooksFirst?

An online resource for those who love books, love reading. For those who buy books, collect books, and want to know more about their favourite books and authors. A place where you’ll get to read about trends in publishing and the people who are in the business of publishing books. People who buy and sell books – everything from major, iconic book shops to scrappy little weekly book markets. Conversations with literary agents, conversations with regular, everyday people who love to read, perhaps even chats with librarians and features on some major libraries in India and elsewhere. Also, reading lists, book fairs, new book launches, major literary events, eBooks, audiobooks and more. If you love books and being around books, you’ve come to the right place.

Who’s the founder of BooksFirst?

That’s me. Hi! I’m Sameer, a former tech and automotive journalist who loves to read. I have a Master’s degree in commerce and no knowledge whatsoever of anything related to commerce. Started working in the mid-1990s, teaching 3D animation, photo editing, digital audio/video editing and vector illustration. Moved on to tech journalism, automotive journalism, public relations and corporate communication, and finally back to journalism.

I’ve worked in Baroda, Lucknow, Bombay, Pune, Dehradun, Delhi and Greater Noida, experiencing disparate work cultures, organisational ethics and leadership styles. Worked with leading magazines, newspapers and websites in editorial roles. And with the country’s only F1 circuit and one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, in PR/corp comm roles.

With BooksFirst, it’s a return to what I love most. Books (mostly non-fiction). And everything to do with books. Reading them. Collecting them. Talking to authors. Browsing bookshelves in obscure bookshops. Browsing the newest releases on Amazon and hunting for used book bargains everywhere. Talking books with like-minded friends.

I look forward to building up this website over the next few months and years and hope to have you along for the journey. Welcome aboard!


P.S.: I am deeply grateful for the kind support extended to me by my friends in Bir, Bombay and Goa, in helping me get this website started . Despite being extremely busy with their own professional lives, these friends have been very generous with their time and have pitched in with help, suggestions and even stories for the website. To these wonderful friends of mine: If you are reading this, please know that I could not have done this without all your help. I really, truly can’t thank you enough!