About Us

What is BooksFirst.in?

BooksFirst.in is an online resource for those who love books and who have a deep interest in the business of publishing. Our objective is to find interesting stories from the world of books and publishing, and bring those stories to the world. For this, we talk to writers, authors, journalists, illustrators, designers, photographers, librarians, book publishers, book retailers and also those who are simply passionate about books and reading. They often have an interesting story to tell – about their work, about the book(s) they’ve written, about the books they read, about the authors they like – and we’re keen to listen, and bring those stories to fellow book lovers. We also do book reviews and talk about book festivals and other literary events.

Who’s the founder of BooksFirst?

That’s me. Hi! I’m Sameer, a former tech and automotive journalist who loves to read. I have a Master’s degree in commerce, though my work has had very little to do with my education. I started working in the mid-1990s, teaching 3D animation, photo editing, digital audio/video editing and vector illustration. Moved on to tech journalism, automotive journalism, public relations and corporate communications, and finally back to journalism. One of my former bosses said I’m a ‘drifter,’ which is probably correct 🙂

I’ve worked in Baroda, Lucknow, Bombay, Pune, Dehradun, Delhi and Greater Noida, experiencing disparate work cultures, organisational ethics and leadership styles. Worked with leading magazines, newspapers and websites in editorial roles. And with the country’s only F1 circuit, and with one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, in PR/corporate communications roles.

With BooksFirst.in, it’s a return to what I love most. Books (non-fiction only). And everything to do with books. Reading them. Collecting them. Talking to authors. Browsing bookshelves in obscure bookshops. Browsing the newest releases on Amazon and hunting for used book bargains everywhere. Talking books with like-minded friends. And dreaming of the day when I can have a massive bookshelf made, which will accommodate all my books in one place!

Along with my small team of contributors, I look forward to building up this website over the next few months and years and hope to have you along for the journey. Welcome aboard!